360 SoilSCAN

SENSE: Sense the nitrate you have in your field in real time with 360 SoilSCAN.

DECIDE: Incorporate those results into 360 Commander and receive a customized variable-rate nitrogen prescription.

APPLY: Implement with 360 Y-Drop to feed your corn and deliver the nitrogen where your crop needs it.

360 UnderCover

SENSE: New sensing technologies combined with 360 Yield Center agronomists monitor plant health and communicate current crop status to 360 Commander.

DECIDE: Satellite imagery from within 360 Commander will help you decide what action to take.

APPLY: Take control with 360 UnderCOVER. Apply the solution accurately to the area needing attention.

360 Y-Drop

SENSE: Start with 360 SoilSCAN to understand what nitrates are in the soil today.

DECIDE: Run 360 Commander to build an actionable prescription.

APPLY: Take control with 360 Y-Drop to apply the solution.